Browning BLR's and BAR's are found everywhere from the Muskeg country of the north, Deep Wooded terrain (home to Deer, Bear, Elk and Moose), Swamp lands of the South, and Open Country of the West.

These beautifully made rifles are available in a wide variety of practical and usable calibers to match any shooters need!

    To compliment the rugged design and beauty of the BLR - BAR's
     Skinner Sights now offers the Skinner BLR - BAR "EXPRESS"


            Shown here in our OPTIONAL Skinner "BLACK GOLD"

                                           Available in 

     BLUE  ~  $95        BRASS  ~  $100        STAINLESS   ~  $105

                 With the "BLACK GOLD" Option  ~ $115
Choose Model and Material
Hole Spacing

To date we have mounted this sight on the BLR long and short action and the BAR in a long action.  
Distance between the mounting holes for the STEEL RECEIVER MODELS is approx. 3.20(actual spacing is 3.190") 
For the LIGHT WEIGHT alloy frame models, hole spacing is approx. 3.30".
This sight utilizes the center two mounting holes on top of the rifle receiver.  Screw size is 6-48

Please measure your rifle's hole spacing to insure proper fit.

NO GUN SMITHING required for installation.  The sight comes complete with SCREWS and WRENCHES required for mounting.

           (Ships with our Standard .096" aperture installed)

Due to the thousands of these rifles made over the years, we cannot provide a "How tall of a front sight will I need" answer.  There have been quite a few variations in barrel diameter, caliber, barrel length, ramp heights, etc etc, which when added to the other variables of shooter/gun/load combinations make front sight selection a process.  This "process" is well discussed on our FRONT SIGHT PAGE, Our FAQ
page, Technical Page, and is spelled out by common sense.

We have not mounted this sight on the LIGHT WEIGHT rifles with the aluminum receivers.  IF the hole spacing is the same and the screw size is 6-48 (Common mounting screw size for Brownings) then this sight will fit.  

Please:  Before writing or calling and asking:  "Will this fit a Caliber
 " ??? " with serial number " ??? "  made in " ???? ", measure YOUR specific rifle.  If it meets the specs listed above, our sight will fit.

These beautiful rifles have a special place not only in History but in the heart of anyone who has owned one.  Chambered in many "Classic" and "Modern" Calibers, the High/Low Walls are "Vintage" yet hold their own alongside recent high tech developments.
               (Shown here in our Optional "BLACK GOLD")
I've found our Skinner 1885 High/Low Wall sight very effective in the field and in the brush alike.  For a great "Open Country" rifle, choose a flat shooting caliber (mine is a 25-06) that allows a point blank hold to 300 yards.  
      (My Son Dan with an Open Country Whitetail and his 25-06 1885)
For Brush Country choose a heavy hitting caliber (ie: 45-70) and install one of our Xlrg (.155") apertures.
               (Sight ships with our .125" aperture installed)
    Fully Windage and Elevation Adjustable.
The SKINNER 1885 sight mounts in the two screw holes located on the barrel just forward of the receiver.  (Screws and wrenches provided) Front sight heights are unique, individual, and subjective to many variables.  (Please see our FAQ and Front Sight pages for more info)
Some rifles will require either barrel dovetailing (easily accomplished by a competent Gunsmith) or drilling and tapping for a ramp/sight combo.
Available in BLUE ~ $75  and our optional BLACK GOLD ~ $95
Choose Model and Material
                              APERTURE SIZES

      The SKINNER BLR - BAR "EXPRESS" sight is shipped with our
                      STANDARD .096" aperture INSTALLED.

       Up to 5 APERTURE sizes are available on our aperture page.

Apertures_E_c  We recommend the .096" (as shipped)
for most hunting and shooting applications.  Finer if you are target shooting in bright light, larger if hunting in dim light or dark timber.  Remember, the aperture can always be removed for a "Ghost Ring" effect (.200" dia. hole)

           The SKINNER BLACK GOLD "Option"

Our Customers LOVE the famous, beautiful, Skinner "BLACK GOLD"  
Option.  THIS OPTION CAN ONLY BE ADDED TO OUR DOVETAIL WINDAGE ADJUSTABLE BLUED SIGHTS.   This adds even more BEAUTY and CLASS to an already amazing Rifle / Sight combination.  

The brass sight does not glare or interfere with the sight picture. 


         (Price is $20 in addition to the price of our BLUED sight.)


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